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Sekt Consulting is the brainchild of Daniela DaSuta, a wine educator and distributor at The Vineyard at Florence.


  • Wild Wines: The Weird and Wacky

    Saturday, March 25th

    Wild Wines: The Weird and Wacky

    3 – 4 PM (Please arrive
    10 minutes early)

    The Rotten Bunch

    Can you say A-B-C? Anything BUT Chardonnay? At the next Rotten Bunch class, we will be focusing on the weird varietals, the ones that are absolutely PHENOMENAL, but you’ve never heard of them!

    Join Daniela of Sekt Consulting for a wonderful tasting of 5 “weird wines” and learn how great the unknown can taste!

    Seating is limited to ensure intimacy, so please reserve your spot today!
    Price: $35/person

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