Le Nombre d’Or, Vintage: 2005

7 grapes, 7 reasons to drink this Champagne

Posted by Daniela DaSuta on February 23, 2016
  1. It’s lemon-gold with fine bubbles, indicating that it has aged very well. Plus, fat bubbles are annoying, if you ask me.
  2. On the bouquet: caramel, golden raisin loaf, yellow apple, and cooked pear tart.
  3. It has great acid, which makes it a winner with most foods...The acid may be a touch too high for me, which is its only real fault in my opinion. But, give me some oysters (or pretty much any food with fat) and I’ll be good to go.
  4. It tastes like a bite of fresh green apple, lemon square, and French baguette. “I hate baguettes”, said no one ever.
  5. It is made with all 7 approved Champagne grapes (that is cool af).
  6. It is very reasonably priced (under $60 in most locations... hot dang)
  7. I said so.
Le Nombre d’Or by L. Aubry Fils

A Free Verse Poem to 2005 Le Nombre d’Or Champagne:

I popped you on Valentine’s Day You lemony vixen
Maybe 1 of the 7 is making you too acidic
Without all 7 grapes, you’d be Le Nombre d’Merde
And nobody wants that shit.

Be Uncommon.
Drink Uncommon.